BIG Idea Studio

BIG Idea Studio

BIRD Implementation Generation (BIG) for BIRD Implementations

BIG Idea studio is a workbench for generating and updating implementations of BIRD. It is built as a VSCode plugin and can be run in VSCode on the desktop or in the web via Github Codespaces.

The initial components of BIG Idea studio allow for the generation of an implementation of BIRD called the PyBIRD Platform, running as a web application (using Python Django) with executable transformation logic in Python and storage of data in a relational database.

The BIG Idea Studio also makes updates to the platform easy when BIRD changes, for example updating/migrating all existing data to the new version of the datamodel in a controlled fashion.

BIRD Software Solutions can work with you to create a version of the BIG (BIRD Implementation Generator) Idea Studio tailored to generate and update an implementation of BIRD suitable for your technology choices.